Before look the calendar and choice the best fishing.


Some recommendations to make a trip comfortable.


We have some restrictions to travel with us.


  • Try not drinking alcohol the day before your trip.
  • Use  sandals  (not  Closed  Shoes),  a  good Sunscreen, your best Sunglasses, a Lip Protector, a good Cap or Hat, Comfortable clothes (sometimes in morning it’s a little cold, we recommend using a light jacket).
  • Don’t forget to bring a Photo Camera.
  • To avoid sea sickness, we recommend to take 1 full pill of Dramamine the night before fishing and half a tablet the next day before leaving the hotel. This way you are not going to be sick nor sleepy.


XWe do not carry pregnant women (only under your own risk and  after signing the liability waiver).


XCancellations are honored only if notified at least 24 hrs. before the tour.